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Extreme Reading

I thought this would be great fun for all those of you that enjoy reading. I’ve set up an Extreme Reading page. Please feel free to add your own comments and any extreme reading photographs you may have.

I’m looking forward to sharing some fun and interesting pictures and/or comments with you. 😀


Extreme read... Argh!

Bath-time reads


4 responses to “Extreme Reading

  1. Jim Bernice says:

    I’m trying to write my own story but i’m getting bored of it after I write a page. What should I do?

  2. Tara, is that you? Hilarious. One dedicated reader – I like it! Thanks for posting it in the group at linked in called, Writers. Feel free to check out the August 2012 short story contest for serious writers in the Writers group. You could even read short stories on your laptop in that bathtub. 🙂

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