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The hard work of the writer.

I think this pretty much sums up all writers out there. Do you agree?

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How do you do it?

Although there are countless books on how to write a book, I believe that there are no hard fast rules to this game. Would you say that it is a matter of taste? Do some people work better if they methodically plan the structure of their work while others are happier to plow straight through and write the whole book? I would be very interested to find out how authors like to write their books.

I planned the whole story (pretty much), using the wonderful ‘Storybook Pro’ program. I’ve found it to be a valuable tool for cross-referencing and checking up on characters. So, with an ever inquisitive mind and treading the learning-stepping-stones, I have devised a new poll (something I’ve learned through the blogging process) to see how you do it.

Tara 🙂


Characters coming alive?

It’s all about me!

Had a great weekend of writing and editing but there comes a point where story and reality start to cross paths… driving home from work this evening I thought I saw one of the characters from my book! Does that happen to all writers of fiction? Well it’s a long week ahead to the next weekend but hopefully I might be able to squeeze some more writing in during the week as long as my life-long shedder (commonly known as a Husky) goes out in the garden more often 🙂


Hoovering was the key!

Hoovering the living room brings out the thoughtful, creative and inspirational side of me. I came up with a solution to my social networking dilemma whilst pushing and pulling the cleaning nozzle over the mountainous piles of white, husky dog hair… I would just have to allocate networks to days! That was the answer! I could have ‘Twitter Tuesdays’ and Facebook Fridays’ etc. Would it work? I’ll let you know…it’s a shame there’s not a day of the week to alliterate with blogging, any ideas?


Hello and welcome to my world!

Becoming an aspiring author has been quite an experience already thanks to social networking sites. I have learnt that the easy part of Author-dom is to write the book… the really hard work comes with the marketing, networking, following, and blogging! What is all this stuff? Arrrgh! I have ‘follower’ meltdown and ‘like’ overload. As for this blogging business… everyone else seems to be creating wonderfully interesting blogs about every topic conceivable (including blogs about blogging!). I don’t know where to start? Should I return to that blue bird place where people ‘tweet’ by the second using @ and #? I don’t understand most of the messages and spend more precious moments asking search engines what ‘RT’ means or ‘How do I start a blog?’ than actually achieving what I originally set out to do – network! This is my very first blog in the ‘blog-world’, I hope it lives up to and looks like any standard blog (whatever one of those looks like). Thank you for reading… I’m all blogged out now as it took one hundred and fifty times longer to discover how to make a blog page than it did to write it. Hopefully I will be back soon and will have a more positive outlook in my next blog.

Tara 🙂

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