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I have spent the last thirty years waiting to write my first book, why so long? I hear you ask. You know how it is, you get an idea in your head, mull it over for a while, get married, rekindle the dream momentarily, have children and then wake up thirty years down the line and think…OMG! Where did that time go? I knew the genre I wanted to write for from the start but couldn’t ever quite come up with the right storyline, until now.

This is an incredible experience for me and has been from the very start. I have researched so many possibilities to success, made new friends, acquaintances, followers and contacts. I spent decades wondering what story to write and now I have them lined up waiting to pop out of my head. The hoovering takes five times longer to do these days as the motion of cleaning carpets/laminate flooring provokes the writer in me and I have to stop the housework in favour of jotting down quick notes before they leave me forever.

My novel writing dream manifested itself when I was fifteen years old. I had been set some English homework to write an essay about something which I cannot remember now. What I do remember is the trouble I got into when I handed my completed story in. It may seem odd that I got into trouble for handing in homework when these days it is a godsend to even get children to think about doing some homework, well mine anyway! The problem was that I had written a love story which was rather explicit, firstly for a fifteen year old to write and secondly, it was deemed unsuitable material for school work.

Although my essay was discarded and I was duly punished for the crime, my teacher did take me aside and admit quietly that the story had been very well written, the content was good and I should think about writing more stories. The deep burning desire has stayed with me ever since, although the genre I want to write now is not love and romance or the fifty shades of grey genre but contemporary fiction/humour.

So, this is me…

I have four wonderful children, a gorgeous husband, a very fluffy husky and numerous Koi fish swimming around in the carefully protected pond. Occasionally I own a frustrated heron in the garden too.

I currently work full-time so this writing, networking and blogging business is extremely tiring work, but rewarding and enjoyable. I don’t have a moment spare at the moment and wonder if I ever will have again. But I am doing what I have always dreamed of doing now and I have found… Me.

My debut novel, due to be released early 2013.

Calling all Services by Tara Ford

Alex is a successful business woman and a happily married mother of four. She couldn’t ask for life to be any better, but that soon changes the day her legs take on a new appearance.

This is the start of a series of misfortunes, not only for Alex but the rest of the family too. Her father’s obsessive behaviour, fuelled by her mother’s intrusive demeanor, can only incite further mishap and stressful, worrying situations for Alex.

Feeling trapped and debilitated Alex can only look on as her family struggle to survive and the day of her father’s reckoning looms. The pressure of expectation encumbers Alex, as she realises she has just four days to try and turn her life back around, support her father’s cause, rescue her family from themselves and return them to the normality of salmon paste sandwiches. Can things really get any worse?


3 responses to “About

  1. Olivia Hartman says:

    Sounds great Tara.

  2. macsbook says:

    I like your engaging style in ‘About’. Go for it! :o)

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