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How do you do it?

on 11/07/2012

Although there are countless books on how to write a book, I believe that there are no hard fast rules to this game. Would you say that it is a matter of taste? Do some people work better if they methodically plan the structure of their work while others are happier to plow straight through and write the whole book? I would be very interested to find out how authors like to write their books.

I planned the whole story (pretty much), using the wonderful ‘Storybook Pro’ program. I’ve found it to be a valuable tool for cross-referencing and checking up on characters. So, with an ever inquisitive mind and treading the learning-stepping-stones, I have devised a new poll (something I’ve learned through the blogging process) to see how you do it.

Tara 🙂


7 responses to “How do you do it?

  1. Terry Tyler says:

    I voted on the poll thing! The first option – I do my plan in some detail first, write the whole thing and then begin the re-writes (usually about 6). The chapter plans change as I go along, though, as I think of more effective plot ideas. I don’t write complicated character bios – it’s all in my head. Good blog, Tara. xx

  2. wendymc12 says:

    Thanks for the follow. You have a great blog. Following you know on Twitter. 🙂

  3. I’m a very spontaneous writer. I get and idea then I sit down and write it. I’m there, in the story. I know my characters because I am them. They come alive in my head.

    What I tend to do is to use Stixy and find photographs of my characters, or as near as I can get. I then see them every time I pick up my story. I write timelines as I go along, after the event and I also put surnames and stuff in there so I don’t forget them

    That’s the extend of my planning 🙂

    • taraford says:

      What a good idea, using photos to remind you of your characters. Yes I agree, the characters do come alive in your head, they can almost take over! Sometimes I want to call my family and friends by the names of my characters, I get mixed up as to who are the real ones, Thanks for the comment, wishing you lots of successful spontaneous writing.

  4. segametsi says:

    Hi Tara, thanks for visiting my blog. Now to yor question – if I plan before I write, then I know I will never get to the actual writing. The only planning I do is in my head. I need to have a full picture in my head before I start, then I write the first “lean” draft. Then I will keep going back and forth adding details until I am satisfied, or until I run out of stuff.

    • taraford says:

      Sounds great, but how do you keep all the characters bios documented? Do you keep those in your head too? I think my brain would explode if I didn’t plan everything roughly first. Thanks for the thought provoking comment 🙂

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